Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Maeve, the Leannan Sidhe; WIP

Hello everyone!

The weeks pass by really fast! You may be wondering what has happened here at the other side of the Mirror. Well, while the Fairies of Glendalough have been in production, I've been working on new projects and boiling new ideas at the studio. I have so many things that I would like to do! But time is limited, and besides, so many things have been happening in the while, that my projects haven't been as fast as I would have liked. Still, I have some exciting news that I would like to share with you : )

When I created the Fairies, I was thinkig on doing something neat, clean and efficient to take with me to this year's Ldoll. I have always liked and favored simple dolls that behaved well, posed cute and did not ''struggle'' when you play with them, if you know what I mean. Upon creating Saoirse and Siobhan, I must say that they overcame all my expectatives, and I am delighted with the final result. They are, in my opinion, something pleasurable to handle and to play with, and versatile enough to allow many looks and make great pictures. I love my two girls, and they will be always with me.


But I always thought that I shoudl keep growing and  improving my work. So when the time came and the creativity bug bite again, I decided that this time I wanted to go a step further and go for something a bit more complex. With the great counsels and sample of my friend Twigling, I learnt a lot about joints, articulation and posability on bjd's. And I decided to put these knowledges on operation and create another doll. This time larger, this time with a more complex articulation system, but still within the aesthetic vibe and feeling of the Fairies of Glendalough. Starting from scratch, I began working on my next project, Maeve.

I do not want to talk too extensively about her yet. She started from a paper sketch, in a size that intended to be around 50cm tall, but the final result ended a bit lighter and more delicate than my initial idea. I had in mind a tall, elegant and willowy girl, with delicate features, high cheekbones, a lithe but still sensual and femenine frame. My inspiration this time was the Anglo-Irish myth of the Leannan Sidhe, the ''Fairy Lover''; is some kind of vampire-succubus fairy maiden with good intentions (well XD, as good as a vampire can have), that marries human artists and inspires them to creation. These romances are intense and provide the artists with loads of creativity and passion, but prove to be fatal in the end, because the intensity may even kill the artists. I've always found this idea amazing, so I created Maeve having the myth in mind. There will be some surprises about her when the project is more advanced, but for now, I have some pictures for you to see how will this girl will look like (more or less). I hope you like her! She for sure has my heart on her little hand (yes, she only has one so far, still working in the other! XDD)


 And some pictures of the body:

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Hello everyone!

This is just a quick update to remind you all that the second round of invoices for the people who asked for layaway have been sent. Pleasae, check your e-mails! And if the invoice does not appear, check your spam folder, or please make me know as soon as possible!

I am already working in the faceups for the girls. She will be very soon with you! I have many other news, but those will come tomorrow. Christmas eve!

Hugs for everyone!