Friday, September 05, 2014

Maeve One Off Quartz Skin: Foamborn

Inspired by the legend of the Goddess Afrodite being born from the waves of the sea, here they are some photos of the Maeve One Off in Quartz Skin; Wig by Misty Valley dolls, Outfit by Bunny heart, Aesthetics by Nanyalin. She will be up for auction at Ebay very soon, but in the while, please enjoy the pictures!

The outfit is an unique composition by Bunny Heart, specifically fitted to Maeve's size and proportions. It features about 40 hours work for design, patterning, sewing and decorating. It is composed of 9 different fabrics, and the bodice alone has more than 100 crystals and beads sewn by hand one by one.

The outfit's trail is composed of more than 40 pieces of embroided organza, sewn toghether to create movement and flow, to ressemble waves and water currents. The wig is natural angora goat mohair hand-washed, combed and treated, and contains more than 60 pearl-shaped beads, 6 hand-dyed roses and woven ribbons.

The doll itself is done in a special color, ''Quartz'', which is whitest white resin. The doll has full airbrush bodyblush and is protected with several lavers of MSC and the very relisient Gunze TopCoat. The faceup is by Nanyalin, in nacar-shell ressembling colors.

The eyes are Enchanted Doll milky 10mm, in teal color.

She is really a unique piece, and I hope she will find a lovely family very soon! Thanks for watching :D


Anonymous said...

She is beautiful. Her hands are so delicate and elegant!

Irene said...

She is sooo lovely and graceful! I've never been tempted to buy a OOAK doll like this before.. eek! x3 I'll keep an eye on the auction once it's up!

Nanyalin said...

Thank you very much, girls! I hope she will get adopted to a good home ^_^!!

Aztrid Savoie said...

how much is she?

Nanyalin said...

Hi! She is still for auction, I accept offers ^^

Thanh Hùng Nguyễn said...

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