Sunday, July 07, 2013

Memories of Faun

Sometimes before moving forward you must look back. Glimpses of what came before shine and light our way as we move through the forests. Here you have a collection of photos of Faun, the first creation of Magic Mirror. Very soon I will bring news, but today I wanted to pay a little homage to Faun, my first project. I wanted to keep it small, and made a Limited Edition of 10 dolls. If you are one of the owners of Faun, I would be delighted to see your photos on my facebook page. The photo with more likes will be featured in my banner!

UPDATE: I now have a flickr group for my lovely doll owners! Please post your photos of Magic Mirror dolls here.

This is Faun #1 (tan skin).

The Fauns have such a cute body, a long discontinued sculpt by 5stardoll.

 I love the detailed little back!

This was the first promo pic, featuring  #2 and #3 (tan skin)

Faun also makes a very pretty girl, #4 (pink skin)

Red hair suits her so well!

Here is #5 (tan skin) with body blushing.

 Here we have #7 (tan skin), #9 (white skin) and #6 (pink skin, mod dreaming). So many of them together!

Here is my own Faun, #9 (white skin). His name is Yuki! I have a soft spot for white dolls with white hair...

Yuki's sweet nose!

I hope you liked this little compilation. I will have a couple of Fauns with me at the Ldoll this year, I'm so excited to be attending! More news to come really soon, stay tuned!!

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