Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Magic Mirror: Honor Guest at Dolliverse, Netherlands!

Hello Folks! I have an announcement full of news here.

Guess what?? Dolliverse is coming!

And guess what else? I will have the honor and the privilege to be attending there as honor guest! ^____^!!

Thanks to the Think Pink organizers, me and my dolls will attend there this year. This will be the first of the Doll Conventions that I will assist this year, and I am working night and day to be able to present my new doll, Maeve, to the audience attending to the convention. Moreso, if all goes as expected, I will take some of them to the convention, toghether with some surprises. So if you ever wanted a Maeve, and also, some great company with doll fellows, do not miss the event!!

But not only Maeve will be there; also, I will have some of my Fairies of Glendalough with me, in the old, regular beloved colors and some surprise colors that will be available strictly at doll shows. Some talented spanish artists are helping me to prepare unique, delicious full-sets for these dolls with higest quality clothes and luxurious angora wool wigs. I hope it will be a blast for us all, and that it heralds many Dolliverses to come!

We have a date in Nijmegen. See you there, folks! And remember, please share this advertisement and help Magic Mirror to reach the corners of the internets!

Many hugs and love to you all!!


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