Thursday, August 21, 2014

One year

I've used my blog most likely to speak about sales, updates and news on my shop. I think it is time to use it a bit more to reflect and talk about the things that are in my mind while I create, my own thoughts, and share with you my experiences as a person and a dollmaker. Because, basically, that's what blogs are supposed to be for, right?

I'm going to talk today about how fast time flies when you are busy and in good company : )

It has been now a bit more than one year since I started making dolls seriously. I won't count Faun, because he was just a very shy attempt to enter the business, but my trip started for real creating Saoirse. I was still living in Ireland when I took the decision, after I was made redundant on the computer games company where I was working back then. Again, my lifestyle and peace of mind where put in jeopardy by someone else's decision and his opinion of my work. And I decided I had enough of that, and that I wanted changes in my life.

And one of those changes was to try to dedicate myself fulltime to doll making. It was not an easy decision; to risk the comfort and safety that you feel each month when you have your paycheck incoming, and trade it for a world of uncertainity, subject to the wishes of the clients and audience, in a really fragille and already saturated environment with more offer than demand. And yet, after 9 years in this hobby as a customizer, sanding, changing, altering, painting and purchasing an infinity of BJD's, I had the strong feeling of giving the idea a serious try, because it was the time, the moment, and I really had nothing to lose. Except some time, and you know, when you are unemployed, you have lots of that. So I started, with an idea in my head, and time pressuring a lot. I wanted her ready for that year's Ldoll, to be my debut, and you wouldn't believe how fast months fly when you have to do an inter-countries house moving and your doll has to travel to China to be casted.

Crafting Saoirse was therapeutic, specially after taking the decision of leaving Dublin. Believe me, it was a difficult one. I lived five years in that city, interrupted only for the 7 months that I lived in Düsseldorf. My personal circumstances were extremely hard back then, tho, and the city was expensive and full of remembrances that I really needed to leave behind, for my peace of soul. Thanks to the help of my friends tho, (Specially Krysia, who took care of me while I was sculpting, making sure that I stopped sometimes and eat XD), I could finish in time, and while Saoirse was in china being molded and casted, I had something that looked like a summer vacation and then, the house moving happened in a turmoil of stress and doll boxes that almost killed me.

My first full doll, Saoirse, in two different colors.
But that was only almost. I made it to Madrid, and the adventure continued here. This year has been one full of revelations, no less stress and lots of travelling. The doll fairs and conventions have been keeping me busy, and they will till the end of the year in Paris dolls Rendez-vous, where I will be the honor guest. But hopefully, by the beginning of next year, everything will be much clearer, all my doll masters will be already in the maker's hands, and I will have all the infrastructure (website, mailing procedures, etc) finally polished and properly working. You know, beginnings are tough, but in this case, I will say it was one of the wisest and happiest decisions of my life.

Thanks to everyone that have supported and encouraged me this year. It would have been a hell without all of you. And remember!

Starting a path is just a matter of walking. And always, the best is yet to come.

Lots of hugs for you all.


Pookenpie said...

It was an honor to meet you at Ldoll last year! I Knew you would be big! I can't wait to visit your booth again! I got Sairoise in real skin but I think I want Sioban!

Nanyalin said...

Aww! I can't wait to see you again, too! It was so great to talk with all the people at Ldoll, and meet wonderful pals from the hobby such as you! I enjoy a lot your doll pictures, and I love how you style them. They always look chic and sophisticated! ^_^